Njord Sturla

Njord Sturla

Njord Sturla

Njord Sturla

Human / Viking / Northern Fjords

Looking overhead, a young viking raider sees a sign that the All Father is surely watching. 2 ravens circle the sky high above. He feels the salt spray, smells the fragrant smell of land near by. He knows they will be beaching very soon, he can see it from his position at the rear of the boat. Just as they crest a wave, his oar skipping out of the water, he struggles get it back down and get a purchase so he can help propell the boat forward, he sees them. The English!

"English!!!" He and his oarmate, Bjorn, yell to their boatmates. They are running out from behind a large cleft of rock, they were hiding and waiting for the boat to get closer. But why? That's when he saw they were carrying their long bows. Not good. "Njord! We will feast on English liver and ale tonight! I will save you one or two of their women. Odin and Thor will be proud of us fo" *CRACK* and a large wooden shaft suddenly apears where Bjorn's right eye was. Bjorn's mouth continues to work as if he wanted to finish his sentance. "Bjorn! Bjorn!" Njord yells. He then turns his gaze to see arrows raining down all around. Acting quickly Njord jumps to his right and out of the boat, trying to use it for safety from the incoming rain of death.

The boat is still propelling forward with the momentum they have built up and with the surf helping now, Njord runs along the bottom of the surf, head barely above water, as he reaches the shore. Many other viking brothers and shield maidens are with him, some floating, some running, even more slumped over the side of the boat, their life's blood painting the sea red. As one the viking run into battle, axes, hammers and swords at the ready, gleaming edges sharpened to cut into the meat of the English.

Njord a few steps behind the main host finally hauls himself out the surf and is immediately met by a leather clad boy trying to nock an arrow. Fumbling, shaking, mouth agape with terror at the oncoming rush of furs and death, the boy looks up and barely sees Njord's thrown handaxe flipping end over end towards him. Njord's aim is true and the boy's skull is split in two. Without missing a step and before the boy's body can collapse Njord continues his run, retrieving his axe with a mighty pull, blood spurting from the Englishman's skull painting a spray across Njords screaming face, mixing with the spittle as he continues a roar he didn't even remember starting.

Arrows fly by him, a man posessed by the Gods, he weaves and ducks, slashes away swords, hacks off limbs and continues running into the battle. He sees men fall. Both English and Viking. His sister's man lays not 10 feet away, his foot missing an arrow protruding from his thigh, with a look of madness on his face as he rips off the ear of some poor squire, his dagger embedded in the squires groin, twisting and being shoved further up ripping the boy open, the steam starts to appear as his bowels spill on to the ground around where the viking's foot should have been.

A trumpet blares and Njord looks around, and atop a massive black stallion sees a man clad in heavy armor carrying a massive long sword, stained red with the blood of his brothers, bits of scalp and hair clinging to parts of the blade. Their eyes lock. The man pulls back on his reigns and aims his sword at Njord, pointing at him, taunting him. As the viking looks up the blade towards those eyes he knows that he is no match but smiles. "I'll take you with me then English" he says barely even audible to himself. And he inhales deeply through his nose and from teh bottom of his lungs screams, "To valhalla!!!" And with a burst of energy and fury he runs, great axe at the ready. If he doesn't take this man and his horse down then he will die knowing the he will be feasting tonight with Odin, Bjorn and the rest of the Eijenhar, that damned brother in law will probably live. That thought giving him a final chuckle. All other noises of battle are drowned out and all he hears is his footfalls, the horse's hooves thudding down on the the ground drawing louder and as the two immovable objects, great axe and longsword collide between horse and man, one more thing is heard by Njord, whose vision goes white hot, "chimes?"


As Njord opens his eyes he looks down and sees that he can't even see his clothes or even tell if he is wearing them due to the amount of blood that is on him, seeming to course and ripple around him. As if the blood itself was his armor. On his shoulder is a raven who takes flight the moment he sees it, "CAWWW!" it exclaims and as Njord watches it fly away he realizes he is in nothing by white. No floor, no roof or walls. All White. Except a golden throne and sitting atop it is a man with grey hair and an eyepatch stroking a raven in his lap. Standing next to the throne is a young boy of 6 or 7 wearing a very odd loincloth of the whitest white Njord had ever witnessed with small symbols stitched? on it. Odd bat shaped wings with a face in the middle. "Pow" "Kablooie" "Bam" in small spiked circles as well. "What an odd garment for a child" he thinks.

"Njord Sturla, my child. Do you now recognize the All Father? Come, you've earned your seat in my halls. You will accompany me at Ragnorok. You've fought valiantly and deserve the feast to come!" Njord shakes his head from staring at the odd young boy and looks towards Odin, taking a step towards him. "Unless..." Odin says. But not just Odin, a thousand singing children harmoniously say those words in unison with the All Father, "Unless you want more to do. You are the one that can help." Overlapping the words Njord hears (We need your help). Njord looks from Odin to the child, confused as to who is speaking. "Will you do one more task for me my child? (Champion of Midgard) Will you help my friend? (Save us) Will you protect the beams? (Save the children)"

"CAWWW!" the sound of flapping wings calls Njord's gaze back to Odin and with only the All Father's voice in his head. "Choose Njord Sturla, son of the North, will you be my (our) Champion?"

As Njord nods his ascent, Odin stands and is suddenly next to him, grabbing him the shoulders and spinning him around. "Go now! You have only moments! We will be watching!" And before him stands a massive oak door with symbols carved upon it. A rose, a bat and a one-evey raven. Njrod rushes the door, screaming through the chimes that suddenly assault his senses, "For OOOOOODIN!!!"

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